Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nerverackers Movie

Nerverackers MovieBack in 2009 it was announced that Director Robert Rodriguez would helm Nerverackers, a science-fiction movie that was touted as a film that would be part 'Desperadoes' part 'Blade Runner'. Unfortunately the project has since fallen in limbo... Quite sad because the plot of the movie Nerverackers sounds definitely interesting:

"Nerverackers is set in the year 2085 and centers on the character Joe Tezca, part of an elite unit who is sent in to stop a crime wave amongst a perfect futuristic society. In the process, he discovers that 'Nerverackers' are on a rampage for control of the city. Tezca consequently sets forth on a mission to reveal the cover up by the ruling class and stop the 'Nerverackers' before time runs out."

But in February 2010 Director Robert Rodriguez he still intends to produce Nerverackers in a not too distant future:

"I hate to pit all my energy into a project and then find out an actor's not available and have to start over. 'Nerverackers' was all ready to go, down to the costumes — I'm actually wearing the hero's jacket right now — but the actor I had in mind got booked so we're waiting for him. And in the meantime, I've got ideas on how to improve it. We try to hit every project a little bit every day."
Director Robert Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a busy man though, so there's nothing set in stone yet regarding Nerverackers...

So let's pray for the movie Nerverackers to enter into production soon!